The Challenge Behind PLG and Engineering: Eliminating the Friction



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What makes a product “PLG-ready”? With more SaaS companies adopting Product-Led Growth as their main strategy today, many still struggle to execute this transition.

On most PLG talks we tend to talk about the business side, but the development aspect is often overlooked.  Investing resources in creating a seamless product experience is taking a toll on the development teams. So how can you take the burden off your development, to achieve your PLG vision?

We all know what it looks like from the product side. Product managers constantly want to implement these PLG-related elements, but working with developers on building the required infrastructure to propel the PLG shift is creating increased cross-department friction.

In this webinar, we will be discussing the application side of the story for PLG success. This will not be a technical session, but a practical demonstration of the self-service and data-driven by-design concepts that are at the center of the PLG revolution.

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