Cover Image for "People are Awesome: Why You Shouldn't Fear Public Speaking" with Sage Elliott of Sixgill

"People are Awesome: Why You Shouldn't Fear Public Speaking" with Sage Elliott of Sixgill

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Public speaking horrified Sage. But he accepted a role where it would be a core part of the job anyway. Before teaching his first workshop, he thought "What will people think of me? I'm in no place to teach this subject!". His heart was a bit more harsh thinking" You're going to die!" but after teaching the first event Sage did not die. People seemed pleased with the words and code the spewed from lips and figure tips. This would prove to a reoccurring theme, even when Sage "failed".


Sage Elliott is a Machine Learning Developer Evangelist for Sixgill ( with over 10 years of experience in the engineering space. He has passion for exploring new technologies and building communities and likes helping people learn. To learn more about Sage, you can reach him at


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