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How To Safely Hold Conversations About Suicide

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Melanie Katz is back for round two of How To Safely Hold Conversations About Suicide. This topic seemed to be quite impactful for our community the first time, and given the time of year we are heading into, we thought it would be great to have this conversation again.

Suicide isn’t always an easy topic to think about, let alone discuss. It is incredibly important that we do talk about it, and get our loved ones the help they need to prevent them from reaching a point of crisis. It’s normal to feel worried, helpless or confused when a loved one mentions suicide, but there’s a lot you can do to support them. In fact, your compassion and support could save a life.

​In this webinar delivered by Shift therapist Melanie Katz, you will engage in a discussion about suicide and how you can support loved ones, learn about community resources that are available to you, and get the chance to practice your newly acquired communication skills.

​ By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of:

  • ​How to prevent suicide by recognizing signs

  • ​How to engage with someone who may feel suicidal

  • ​How to present resources, such as intervention, to someone for further support

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