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Safary's Web3 Growth Summit 🦁

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Denver, Colorado
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In the world of web3, thought leadership is dominated by founders, developers, and VCs. While their insights are valuable, there’s a critical voice that goes unheard: the operators.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our Web3 Growth Summit: a day exclusively dedicated to hearing from web3 growth leaders. They’re the unsung heroes of our industry and we’re honored to give them the stage they truly deserve.

Join us at Eth Denver to hear from the industry's top growth leaders about their successes, challenges, strategies, and tech stacks to discover what it truly takes to grow in web3!

Come for friends, stay for the alpha.


9:30 am: check-in & coffee ☕

9:45 am: Intro by Justin Vogel, cofounder of Safary

10 am: How Protocols Attract Liquidity led by Uri Ferruccio (CEO at Concordia) and featuring:

  • Larpseidon (Head of Growth at Smilee Finance)

  • 0xApollo (CMO at THENA)

10:35 am: Code to Conversion: Marketing to Developers led by Jake Stott (CEO of Hype) and featuring:

  • Matt Hammond (CMO at Connext)

  • Antoni Zolciak (CMO at Aleph Zero)

11:15 am: Designing Sustainable Incentives, a fireside chat featuring:

  • Nik Pleitkos (Head of DeFi at Fuel Network, Head of Treasury at Sweat Economy)

  • Eric Hendrickus (Head of Strategy at Mythic Protocol)

11:40 am: The Journey of Growing Sushi, a fireside chat featuring:

  • Alex Shefrin (former Head of BD at Sushi)

  • Anshu Agrawal (CEO of LogX)

12:15 pm: Networking Lunch

1:30 pm: Quests & Points: Fad or Trend led by Karen Liu (Head of Growth at Metastreet), featuring:

  • Oleena Mak (Head of Marketing at Boost Protocol)

  • Angel Pui (Head of Global Growth at Yield Guild Games)

2:10 pm: Marketing to Institutions, a fireside chat featuring:

  • Bhaji Illuminati (CMO at Centrifuge)

  • Caleb Lim (VP of Growth at Helix)

2:40 pm: Winning the Attention Game led by Justin Vogel, featuring:

  • Marc Baumann (Web3 Content Creator & founder of Demarterialized)

  • TPan (Web3 Content Creator & Growth at Pollen Labs, Ethereum Foundation)

3:20 pm: Growing Wallets, a fireside chat featuring:

  • Abi Dharshan, Product Lead at Zerion

  • Hannie Tran, CEO at Desig

4 pm: Personal Brand as a Growth Channel, a fireside chat featuring:

  • Dan Held (Bitcoin Educator & fractional CMO)

  • Qin En Looi (Partner at Saison Capital)

4:30 pm: The Future of Web3 Growth, a fireside chat featuring:

  • Lindsay Lamont (Head of Marketing at Uniswap)

  • Justin Vogel (co-founder of Safary)

​Brought to you by Hype, Saison Capital, and Safary 🦁

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