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Event Information

Sales and marketing alignment. Efficient and streamlined sales process. Data-driven decisions on messaging. Consolidation of tools. Automated reporting.

We are hosting a dinner for the most forward-looking GTM leaders to discuss the most pressing topics today. Share and learn from experiences from the trenches, with delicious food and drinks for company.

Network with your peers in a calm setting, away from the buzz of the SaaStr event through the day.

Join an exclusive group of CROs, CMOs, and sales leaders for networking and discussing the future of modern GTM teams.

What to expect

  • Meet fellow GTM leaders and discuss the evolution of modern sales and marketing teams, stack and processes.

  • An array of delectable dishes and drinks at Paul Martin's America to soothe your taste buds :)

Venue and Time

Paul Martin's America at the Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo, just a mile from the SaaStr Annual venue, at 6pm PT.


The Sybill team will reveal a new set of Behavior Intelligence capabilities hot from the oven.