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Connect to Your Vision Workshop

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Are you ready to ditch goals this year? Me too.

Instead I’m flowing with the intention of experiencing more expansion and allowing my dreams to lead me! Let’s dive deep and tap into trusting your vision, noticing the values behind it, and exploring the ways you can feel empowered to embody your vision this year—even amongst uncertainty—and without feeling like you should be setting goals.

I want to invite you to believe in your dreams and your vision without planning your next steps... to trust in uncertainty... and embrace the idea that there truly is nothing we can control, especially when it comes to how we realize and experience our dreams in real time.

In this interactive group workshop you’ll get to experience:

⭐️ celebration of where you’re at in the present moment

⭐️ connection to your subconscious mind

⭐️ a guided visualization of your vision while exploring the feelings it brings

⭐️ clarity in the values and feelings that you value most

⭐️ a deeper trust in yourself and the universe that everything is happening in your favour

If you’re looking to feel into the vision of your life without the urgency to feel like you need to make things happen with force or within someone else’s timeline, I know you’ll feel present and seen here.

*prices are in USD
*no refunds will be given for cancellations or no-shows

*tickets for Canadian participants are inclusive of tax
*Canadians can also send a e-transfer of $55 CAD to


This experience is hosted by Lauren Best, Founder of Possibilities Universe.

Possibilities Universe aims to provide a nurturing space for individuals to cultivate confidence in trying new things without the need for perfection.

There are no destinations in this universe, but rather an appreciation in the journey and present moment of simply experiencing these new possibilities.

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