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Dendron Office Hours (Q4 2021 Series)

Hosted by Derek Ardolf (ScriptAutomate), Kevin Lin & Dendron
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This series has no upcoming sessions scheduled. Heard something is coming? Check back later!
About Event

Drop into the #office-hours Dendron channel for chat and a Google Docs link, then join the teatime voice channel for voice chat. Office hours are every-other-Wednesday at 9AM PST!

What goes on in Office Hours?

  • Dendron updates: Highlights of new features and enhancements in the latest releases of Dendron, feedback from the community, and other touchpoints the Dendron team may want to show since the last Office Hours.

  • Q&A: We'll be looking at questions from the #office-hours channel, and any real-time questions from people using the voice discussion in the teatime voice channel.

  • Notes are taken in our Office Hours Google doc, and they get moved over to within the dendron-site repo. The published notes can be seen in the Office Hours section of the Dendron wiki.

  • Recordings of Office Hour sessions will be uploaded to the Dendron YouTube Channel