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Saturday Recovery Brunch by Blockus

Hosted by Jess Zhang
Past Event
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Join us for a late morning recovery brunch in the plaza.

Limited edition merch for those hacking on ERC-6551!

30 min coaching session on how to get into a16z CSS, 2024 London edition, for those who come in person.


​Seamlessly onboard your Web 2.0 + Web 3.0 gamers.

​Blockus is your all-in-one platform for Web3 gaming.
Beautifully built, fully compliant, seamlessly integrated into your game.

Ex - a16z CSS.

Blockus founder Jess Zhang graduated from Uwaterloo, BMath, Actuarial Science + Statistics with Finance Option. While there, she almost switched to Philosophy major, and nearly failed out.

Jess was Chair of Women in Math, VP of UW Photo Club, ActSci Club Mentor, and involved with the Math Finance Club. Her favorite building is MC. Come say hi!