Release & Renew | New Year's Breathwork Ritual



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The new year is a potent time for ritual.

In this experience we get to pause and reflect on the year prior and call in what we want to experience moving forward and multiply it all with breathwork and community - so that we can step into 2022 as our wisest, lightest, and most expansive selves.

Get ready to LET IT ALL GO. The breathwork we'll do will support you in moving stagnant energy, releasing anxiety, coming home to yourself, and sparking creativity and motivation to take with you.

In this special community event I'll guide you in a nourishing reflection followed by a full breathwork session designed to support you in entering into the new year renewed and refreshed.

Note: Participation in this event will require you to sign a safety waiver.


Aleksa Kaye
Brittni Cosgrove
Brynne Caleda
Elle Vox
Jacqueline Braden

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