Cover Image for Fintech Compliance Circle Meetup
Cover Image for Fintech Compliance Circle Meetup

Fintech Compliance Circle Meetup

Hosted by Fintech Compliance Chronicles
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Past Event
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About Event

Our second official event for a 2-3x a month forum of accomplished fintech compliance professionals around the world (virtual) to discuss the most pressing topics in the fintech/banking/payments/crypto space focused on compliance/audit/risk/regulations and more. Going forward, this series of events will be limited to premium subscribers of our monthly newsletter Fintech Compliance Chronicles, but as part of our promotional launch period we are opening it up to the public!


8 - 8:10 - Attendee intro and Fintech Compliance Chronicles intro

8:10 - 8:55 - Suggested agenda/topics of discussion and interest:
- FIT21/Crypto Bill in the US
- Shopee/Lazada antitrust cases in APAC (Indonesia)
- Synapse
- T+1 in US and when is it coming elsewhere
- DMA and impact on fintech/banking in the EU
- Others? (open to suggestions)

^^Essentially an opportunity to ask and receive input/feedback from other attendees.

8:55 - 9:00 - Input for next time/logistics/suggestions for next meetup

We hope to see you there!