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Cover Image for Tapping into the Talent Pool in Southeast Asia
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Tapping into the Talent Pool in Southeast Asia

Hosted by Esevel
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Tapping into the Talent Pool in Southeast Asia

Navigating Southeast Asia's landscape requires more than just knowledge—it demands a deep dive into its diverse talent pool.

Join our webinar, "Tapping into the Talent Pool in Southeast Asia," co-hosted by Esevel, Multiplier, and Veremark. We're bringing together top experts to equip you with strategies for recruiting and managing the region's skilled workforce.

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Meet the panelists

​Yuying Deng - CEO  at Esevel

​Yuying has over a decade of regional startup experience and leads Esevel in providing comprehensive IT solutions for distributed teams. She focuses on enabling companies to manage and support their teams' IT needs globally. Esevel boasts a customer base spanning 88 countries.

Alvin Dmitri Lee - Mobility Consultant at Multiplier

Alvin Dmitri Lee is a dynamic professional with extensive expertise in helping companies overcome their geographical hiring limitations with a sustainable, compliant, cost-effective solution. He possesses a keen understanding of regional market dynamics and workforce trends. 

Alec Smith - Head of People at Veremark

With over 13 in the Tech field, Alec has dedicated most of his career to helping organizations build and scale their People & Talents, creating workplaces people love. At Veremark - a global HR tech company pioneering blockchain-based verification solutions, Alec focuses on policies that support and engage employees globally.

Yi Jun Phung - Content Strategist at Iterative

June has driven content strategy for B2B & B2C companies, helping them grow through various content forms. She started as a fashion business writer, before expanding into other verticals and leading content & marketing teams. Her previous work can be found in Inside Retail Australia & Asia and Harper's Bazaar.

Join us to:

✅Understand SEA’s talent landscape: educational levels, technical skills, and language proficiencies.

✅See the cultural gaps influencing hiring and workplace dynamics.

✅Discover effective channels to source talents in SEA and tips on onboarding and integrating remote talents.

✅Develop strategies to retain and motivate top talents, preparing them for future industry demands.

​About Esevel:

​Esevel simplifies remote IT management for SMBs across Asia, enabling you to effectively secure and support people, devices, and applications from afar. Esevel’s end-to-end IT management solution helps you streamline employee onboarding, centralize device management, and simplify device security. 

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About Multiplier:

Multiplier makes international employment straightforward and compliant, enabling companies to hire, onboard, and manage global teams with ease. Their comprehensive platform supports businesses in navigating payroll, taxes, and local compliance across over 150 countries. 

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About Veremark:

Veremark is a powerful global HR tech solution, revolutionizing background checks and pre-employment screening with secure, blockchain-enhanced solutions. Their platform facilitates the swift verification of candidate credentials, supporting businesses in making informed hiring decisions with confidence. 

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