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Voices of our Womb

Hosted by Dr Gauri Lowe
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Womb room is a sacred sharing space for women to come in a spirit of non-judgement and healing hosted by Dr Gauri, in a mission to bring the Sacred back to Medicine and reframe women's healthcare.

Join us for a transformative online event as we delve into the sacred realm of the Womb room, where the elemental energies converge and the voices from our womb resound. In this enchanting gathering, we will be immersed in the essence of the Air element, guided by the profound wisdom of Reverend Mar Sofia, a revered teacher and guardian of African ancestry traditions.

The Air element, with its gentle yet potent presence, holds within it the power of breath, communication, and intuition. It is the realm where our voices take flight, carrying our deepest truths and ancestral connections. As we explore this sacred space, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing the inherent wisdom residing within our own wombs.

Reverend Mar Sofia, a wisdom keeper and African philosopher will gracefully guide us through the mystical corridors of our inner sanctum. With her profound insights and nurturing presence, she will help us tap into the rich tapestry of ancestral knowledge that lies dormant within our beings. Drawing upon ancient traditions and contemporary practices, Reverend Mar Sofia will illuminate the sacredness of our voices, teaching us how to honor and express our truths with grace and authenticity.

This gathering is a sacred space for individuals of all backgrounds and identities to come together in unity, honoring the diversity of human experiences. Whether you are seeking personal growth, ancestral reconnection, or a deeper understanding of your own voice, this event offers a nurturing container for exploration and self-discovery.

Step into the virtual Womb room and join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey through the Air element. Together, under the guidance of Reverend Mar Sofia, we will awaken the voices from our womb, weaving a tapestry of collective wisdom and transformation.

Any questions please feel welcome to contact Dr Gauri