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Minor Piece Endgames - IM Workshop

Hosted by UK Chess Challenge (WFM Sarah Longson) & IM Brandon Clarke
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Subject Category: Endgame Technique

Level: Suitable for players graded 100-160

Class Size: Max 16 students

Description: IM Brandon Clarke and WFM Sarah Longson explore some of the most important minor piece (bishop and knight) endgames. Students will develop a rich feel for recurring ideas and the subtleties that underpin these rich endgame positions. Many junior players struggle with the endgame phase and so developing a proficiency in this area is sure to pay off.

What is a workshop?

These are smaller, more intimate sessions than a masterclass with greater chance for direct interaction between students and coaches. Greater use will be made of activities and training games to ensure the material is fully absorbed.

Students will receive training positions to practise, exercises to solve and a recording of the session.