Cover Image for Ruby Fusion: Function Composition
Cover Image for Ruby Fusion: Function Composition
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Ruby Fusion: Function Composition

Hosted by Brooke Kuhlmann
Past Event
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About Event

​Welcome to the next Ruby Fusion gathering where we discuss advanced techniques of Object Oriented and Functional programming. πŸš€


  • ​6:30pm: Meet and greet (optional but definitely a chance to meet new folks).

  • ​7:00pm: Brooke will present on Ruby Function Composition (i.e. closures, >> (forward composition), << (backward composition), etc).

  • ​8:00pm: Questions and Answers. Wrap up, discuss/explore questions, and plan next gathering.

  • ​8:30pm: Time's up and we all exit the gathering.


  • ​Gather: Make sure to create your character profile before joining the meeting and double check your audio and video is working properly. Access is granted automatically by using the same email you used to register for this event. Please gather at the fountain in the middle of the map once you enter.

  • ​Twist: Optional but is the associated group chat -- and long form discussion -- for this gathering if you want to discuss asynchronously.


​At the moment, capacity is limited to only ten people, so sign up early. There is a waiting list for overflow capacity, if not.


​Please respect the community guidelines. πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

4 Going