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Hotbed Accelerate Demo Day

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Early-stage investors, founders and ecosystem supporters are invited to watch 6 of our top-performing startups from the Hotbed Accelerate programme pitch.

Following our 6 week programme, these startups have been selected based on their impressive growth and traction. All startups are actively raising their seed round.



Recycled into beautiful. London-based innovators turning waste into premium accessories


Powering fitness creators to deliver personalised training at scale. Workouts are auto-adjusted to millions of fans without the need for creator input, thus making personalised fitness affordable for users and scalable for creators.


A curated rental platform for first-time renters (a £46bn market in the UK). Hybr provides young people with a one-stop-rental-shop (available homes, tools & support), whilst enabling landlords to fill vacancies quickly, with pre-vetted & engaged tenants


Launching the world's first smart ice bath and cold water therapy app, to help people take conscious control of their mental, physical, and emotional health.


Maintenance workflow SaaS digitising inefficient pen and paper maintenance operations - think CRM for maintenance, facilities, H&S, and ops.


An Intelligent Longevity platform helping people live healthier for longer. Led by doctors using a functional systems approach, humanpeople integrates current medical and clinical knowledge with innovative longevity technology to cut through the noise and provide credible solutions that are proven to make a real difference to real people.

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