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Salon: Journaling with SmartBlocks

Jun 16 (Wed), 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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Roam42 is a collection of community plugins, bundled and extended by David Vargas of fame. Roam42 also extends the range of shortcuts to work within Roam. SmartBlocks are Roam42's powerful template system, enabling even non-techies to automate their workflows.

Salons are open-ended discussions where everyone can share their challenges, insights, and solutions surrounding one particular topic. This session, Ramses will demo how he uses SmartBlocks for effortless journaling, and then show how you can create similar templates. After that, the floor is open to figure out together how to do specific tasks with Roam42 and SmartBlocks. Please only attend if you’re willing to participate.

The session will not be recorded to safeguard everybody’s privacy and make it a safe space to share experiences.

Wednesday, June 16th, at 12pm EDT/6pm CEST in the Lounge channel on the RoamStack Discord server.

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