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Let's build SmartBlock workflows #2

Hosted by Think Stack Club
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Want to move past simple plain text templates and onto automated processes? Then you need to learn SmartBlocks!

SmartBlocks is a supercharged template engine that contains its own simple programming language. With it, you can create interactive workflows that pull data from around your graph and beyond.

While starting with SmartBlocks is easy, fully utilizing its power takes some practice. That's why I organize monthly build sessions to help you hit the ground running. The idea is simple: you say what you want to build, and whatever gets the most votes we'll build live.

Please be as specific as possible when describing your desired workflow. Don't half-ass it by only entering a handful of keywords; the more precise you are, the better I can help you. Besides, stating clearly what you want to build will also clarify your workflow for yourself. Win-win!

I hope to learn with you soon!