The future of search engines - Meilisearch [English]

Feb 5 (Fri), 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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โ€‹We are organizing our next (and third!) Hackathon! Again, we are Back in our Living Rooms to develop great projects.

โ€‹Three days, three topics, three prizes. Your challenge? We chose three painful problems. Pick one and prototype a solution.

โ€‹Many entrepreneurs make the same mistake: they start from a solution (an idea) instead of a problem. If you want to make something people want, you must answer people's needs. Focusing on one (and only one) problem is an excellent way to kickstart an entrepreneurship journey.

โ€‹We chose three problems you can pick from. You can address each problem from many angles. We expect to see a diversity of answers to these problems.

โ€‹The Hackathon is open to any student or alumni from any school. You can also team up with external people. The only rule is there must be at least one person from the 42 Network per team.

โ€‹We are proud to be sponsored by two alumni from the 42 Network: Crisp and Meili Search!

โ€‹Ready to take up this challenge? Apply here๏ปฟ

โ€‹๐Ÿš€ 42 Entrepreneurs' mission is to promote entrepreneurship. We hope we can inspire people to take the plunge through this event.


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