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Get a PM internship in 4 months

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About This Event

Melvina started her Product Management journey 4 months ago. She posted her Product Management learning journey on LinkedIn for more than 42 days.

The result?

She landed a job in Product Management - and inspires others to do the same. Hear her story at this event!

The Panelist:

Chisom Melvina Ugochukwu - Entry-level Product Manager

Melvina Ugochukwu started her journey in Product Management 4 months ago.

She recently got an internship role with a startup company and is working her way through gaining more experience and landing a full-time time role.

Her consistency with posting on LinkedIn and her engagement in the tech community helped her stand out.

Note: this event will be recorded and snippets may be posted publicly on our social media. The event recording will be on our website:

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