Building a Backend from Scratch vs. The Hasura Way

Jul 29 (Thu), 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time


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​Join us for our next Close-up Magic, where host Maricris Bonzo chats with Praveen Durairaju about what it’s like building a backend with GraphQL and a database from scratch vs. The Hasura Way. They'll also talk about Praveen's experience as an early employee at Hasura, and what it means to be a Developer Advocate.


Praveen Durairaju is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Hasura.

​Maricris is a Developer Advocate at Magic.


​This Fireside Chat will take place on Twitter Spaces! Make sure to follow Magic on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for when we go live (on iOS or Android). Or click here to join from your iOS, Android or Desktop.

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