FREE Back to Baseline Workshop - Tuesday, August 30th



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Event Information

Back to Baseline 1hr - WORKSHOP

Join this 1 hour FREE collaborative workshop led by Carla Catherwood - Movement & Mindset Coach hosted at The Pink Studio in Toronto!

Revitalize and regulate your nervous system through movement, music and mindset

Join me in a unique experience where I share my knowledge of movement and breathwork, create custom DJ mix for the workshop and help you come back home to yourself through somatic release via dance, movement, breathwork & the coaching mindset.

Are you ready to….. 

Energize your life?

Step into your power?

Cultivate more peace and calm?

You’re in the right place.

If you’re here, you’re likely feeling a little tender - maybe you’ve experienced a season of change, and you’re ready to move on from the roadmap you casted for yourself. So here we are, a bit, tender and bruised but feeling resilient enough to choose change! 

In this curated experience, I'll guide you out of overwhelm back to a regulated and thriving place. We'll explore three base stages that live within our nervous system: hypo, hyper & baseline and unpack where your window of tolerance is. You will meet your unmet grief by releasing it on the floor through a guided BPM musical and movement journey that includes dance & functional movements, breathwork and coaching.


This is for you if you're ready to:

✨Feel more ALIVE and present in your life

✨Let go of what no longer serves you

✨Step into a more POWERFUL and confident YOU

​If this is you, I see you. I feel you. I am you. Let's walk this road together ... we will come out at the end feeling more aligned, connected and stronger for it.

In this one hour workshop we will cover the following: Baseline Introduction, Hypo - Depressive Nervous System, Hyper - Anxious Nervous System, Breathework & Movement Integration & Back to Baseline where we get to experience & celebrate what a healthy Nervous System looks, acts and feels like! 

 Are you ready? Let's do this! Register today, limited spots available.