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VCFamilia's 3rd Annual Pitch Competiton

Hosted by VCFamilia & FounderFamilia
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Hola Familia!

​Join us for the third annual pitch competition brought to you by VCFamilia. Applications will be reviewed by 50+ VCFamilia investors, and 8 finalists will be selected to pitch to high profile VCs on Oct 12th for the chance to win a non-dilutive cash prize. 

​Requirements to enter:

  • Minimum of one Latine founder

  • Company's common stock must be >33% owned by Latine founders

  • Maximum $2.5M in total capital raised to date; and

  • Company must be incorporated the U.S.

📅 Date: October 12th, 2023

⏰ Time: 10:00-11:30am PST/ 1:00- 2:30pm EST

​RSVPs will be approved on a rolling basis. Please contact us with any questions.

If you haven't applied yet, click on the application below!

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This Year's Theme: Elevar

The chosen theme for this year's Hispanic Heritage Month is "Elevar," meaning "rise" in Spanish. It is a fitting theme considering the challenges faced by the venture capital and startup industry this year. We aim to celebrate our Hispanic heritage and acknowledge our community's resilience in the face of economic hardships and industry setbacks.

The theme of "Elevar" serves as a reminder of the potential and untapped talent within our community. It reflects the collective efforts and accomplishments of Hispanic entrepreneurs and investors who have refused to be deterred by challenges. Let us come together to honor our Hispanic heritage, celebrate the achievements of our community, and embrace the spirit of "Elevar" as we recognize this community that continues to rise and shape the future of the venture capital and startup industry.

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About LaFamilia Foundation:

LaFamilia Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to close the resource gap for Latine founders and investor by bringing together Latine startups, venture capitalists, and aligned ecosystem partners. We aim to empower this community through first-of-its-kind programs that tackle the various components of network inequity while reshaping and normalizing the Latine experience, culture, and community in the venture ecosystem. LFF includes both the largest community of Latine founders in the United States, FounderFamilia, and the largest community of Latine venture capitalists, VCFamilia.