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🧠 GenAI Collective x OctoML 🐙 Builder's Roundtable: Domain Aware LLMs

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Join OctoML and the GenAI Collective for a virtual event featuring leading voices in generative AI! This discussion goes beyond ChatGPT, as companies seek to build customized LLM applications that leverage domain-specific knowledge.

During this live, interactive talk, we’ll dissect the challenges, realities, and burgeoning opportunities of working with LLMs to build domain-aware applications including conversational AI, code generation, and content for highly specialized use cases. Learn from a diverse panel of experts and derive vital insights for your own projects from this engaging, in-depth conversation! 🚀

Guest Panelists

​The GenAI Collective is a growing community of 5,000+ founders, funders, and thought leaders built around a shared passion for generative AI. Our tight-knit collective brings together visionaries with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to exchange ideas and perspectives, fostering friendship and community. Together, we are at the forefront of catalyzing innovation and defining the direction of AI.

OctoML is on a mission to deliver affordable AI compute services for those who want control over the business they are building. Their OctoAI compute platform enables developers to run, tune, and scale models that power AI applications.