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โ€‹We're going on a one-day Rosieland Retreat.

โ€‹Rosie has been in procrastination and social anxiety mode on this for over a year. It's hard to know what to do in this post COVID world, so my goal is (hopefully) simplicity and connections for life.

โ€‹My motivation is partly selfish, I want to meet people and make friends in real life. Whilst also sharing knowledge, having conversations and fun along the way.

โ€‹We will gather on Thursday 12th of October on Brighton Beach (UK). We will pray for good English weather. ๐Ÿคž

โ€‹Ece will be our host for the day. ๐Ÿฅณ


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โ€‹We have a venue. It's literally on the beach. Next to a cafe and volleyball court.

โ€‹I'm calling this a co-designed retreat as we will arrange specifics depending on who signs up and what people would like to get out of the day.

โ€‹We already have some great people signed up. We are excited for what it will become!

โ€‹Here's the rough outline right now:

  • โ€‹There will be a free-for-anyone community meetup the night before and the evening of the event

  • โ€‹It's on Thursday October 12th 2023, it starts at 10:30am, finishes at 6pm.

  • โ€‹Things we may choose to do: games, talks, workshops, co-creating a community card deck, record a podcast, eat food together

  • โ€‹We'll include food and refreshments for the day

  • โ€‹It's limited to 30 people.

  • โ€‹It will include access to the Rosieland community and a private channel to coordinate on

  • โ€‹The focus is on getting to know each other, making friends and sharing stories & knowledge.

  • โ€‹No refunds, sorry!

  • โ€‹It's not hybrid, it's not being recorded.

  • โ€‹We're trying to keep this as affordable as possible.

  • โ€‹We will keep two free spaces available for those who want to come but are unable to pay. If that's you, message Rosie.

โ€‹๐Ÿ– We hope you'll join us!