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Make It Matter - A Podcast Workshop

This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
About Event

​Make it Matter is a free monthly gathering for creatives, freelancers & small business owners who want to make the most out of their podcast idea.

​You're looking for that *something extra* for the podcast you're already running or you hope to start.

​You're aspiring to do something that really matters in the world, something that is emotionally resonant with your listener.

​Together we'll look at your idea and see how we can make it matter more to your listeners.

​​Join me for:

  • ​​A friendly session where you can share where you're at with your podcast project

  • ​​Using the focus-sentence framework to diagnose your current project/idea

  • ​​Figuring out small, actionable steps towards bringing your vision to reality

​​Hosted by award-winning producer Katarina Hagstedt, founder of Tinka Media and Podcast Tower.

​🎧 ❤️