Guardian Australia’s Book Club: Rick Morton - My Year of Living Vulnerably



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Rick Morton’s critically acclaimed memoir, 100 Years of Dirt, was a bracing and sharp examination of a life turned inside out: of family, violence, addiction and poverty in Australia.

After it came out, Morton found himself experiencing a different kind of insecurity. Receiving a diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress disorder, the journalist and commentator had to learn to dismantle his defences: to talk openly about his difficult experiences, to accept kindnesses, to seek help, and most importantly, to find beauty and love.

In his new book, My Year of Living Vulnerably, Morton traverses the road to healing. What does science tell us about how trauma changes the brain? How do we get better? And how could he have come to write a whole book about his family’s suffering without realising that it might have had repercussions for him too?

Join Morton in conversation with Michael Williams at Guardian Australia’s monthly book club as he shares how he rediscovered the things that make life worth living.


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