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Morning Random Slow Run & Walk in Kyoto powered by PlanetDAO

Hosted by Tamaki Nishimura & WA(和)- Jun Ishikawa
Past Event
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About Event

本イベントはPlanetDAO co-founderのTamaki&和っさんがIVSのサイドイベントとして開催する京都朝ラン&ウォークのイベントです。IVS2日目のキックオフとして、京都の気持ちが良い朝を楽しみましょう!


神宮丸太町駅 1番出口 下堤町地蔵尊前


  • 08:00 集合

  • 08:10-08:40 Random Slow Run&Walk

    • *小グループに分かれます

  • 08:40-08:50  息を整えて、少し会話

  • この後、行きたい方は、モーニング @MEMEME COFFEE HOUSE or 鴨川


This event is the Kyoto Morning Random Slow Run & Walk, hosted by PlanetDAO co-founders Tamaki & WA as a side event of IVS. As a kickoff for the second day of IVS, let's enjoy a pleasant morning in Kyoto!

◆Meeting place

Jingu Marutamachi Station Exit 1st

◆ Timeline

  • 08:00 Meetup

  • 08:10-08:40 Random Slow Run&Walk

    • with smaller number of people

  • 08:40-08:50 short talk within each group

  • (optional) Breakfast together @MEMEME COFFEE HOUSE or Kamogawa river,

If you want to know more about PlanetDAO, the project the two hosts are working on, please refer to this Wiki.

​PlanetDAOについて - about PlanetDAO


PlanetDAO is a DAO that aims to change the concept of land ownership. The mission is to nurture areas to be more regenerative through coordinating various people in the form of a DAO, with properties as hubs.