Deep listening



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Event Information

We’re very excited to welcome you and to thank you for being part of the Loud and Clear campaign, a partnership between KYDS and Lindfield and Turramurra Community Bank.

The Loud and Clear campaign is raising funds to pay for an additional counsellor so that young people in our community can access mental health support without having to wait. Together we aim to raise $75,000. This will provide 900 more counselling sessions to over 50 vulnerable young people.

Each dollar donated will be matched by Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank until we reach the goal of $75,000.

During Mental Health Month in October, KYDS is delivering a series of online mental health workshops and webinars for young people, parents/carers and families in our community (and beyond). If you would like to support the Loud and Clear campaign, donations can be made online or over the counter at either the Turramurra or Lindfield branches of Bendigo Bank.

It isn’t easy to know how to respond effectively when our teenagers are upset or angry. Dr Google encourages us to ‘listen’, ensure they ‘feel heard’, ‘validate their feelings’, ‘be present’ with them. But, what does that actually mean in practice? 

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Increase understanding of the neurobiology of the stress response and the barrier to communication with your young person.

  • Practical skills in communicating effectively

  • Top tips on frequent mistakes that get in the road of effective listening

  • Strategies to facilitate connection and create opportunities for conversation when our teens are reluctant