Cover Image for Restaking Modular| IOSG Ventures
Cover Image for Restaking Modular| IOSG Ventures
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Restaking Modular| IOSG Ventures

Hosted by IOSG Ventures & Natalia | RISC Zero
Past Event
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About Event

Join us at the Restaking-Modular Future event hosted by IOSG Ventures partnering with RISC Zero. It offers spicy PANELS & TALKS brought by globally recognized top-tier projects such as EigenLayer, Babylon, AltLayer, Renzo, Scroll, kiln and Gelato.

As usual, we prepared the utmost trending topics regarding to Staking, Restaking, ZKP, DA, AVS, Layer 2, etc.

There is more: Boooooooze, let’s get loud!

As one of the biggest Capital Firms in Asia, we are more than excited to see you here joining us, and let us introduce the vibrant energy that Asia and IOSG Ventures bring to all of you.

Event Agenda:

7:00  Welcome Speech:
Gokhan Er, Managing Director of IOSG Ventures;
Steven Li, Growth Lead of RISC ZERO;

7:10 Panel:
Ray Xiao, Senior Director of IOSG Ventures;
Yao Qi, Founder of AltLayer;
Kratik Lodha, Co-founder of Renzo;
Hilmar Orth, Co-founder of Gelato;

7:40 Talk:
Hilmar Orth, Co-founder of Gelato;

7:50 Panel:
Gokhan Er, Managing Director of IOSG

Sandy Peng, Co-founder of Scroll;

Steven Li, Growth Lead of RISC Zero

Jordi Alexander, Chief Strategist of Mantle

8:20 Talk:
Colin Verhaegon, Head Of Sales APAC of Kiln;

8:30 Talk:
Steven Li, Growth Lead of RISC ZERO;

8:40 Fireside Chat:
Sreeram Kannan, Founder of EigenLayer;
David Tse, Founder of Babylon;

8:40-10:00 Social Networking

About IOSG Ventures

Established in 2017, we have carved out a niche as a venture firm that is both community-oriented and driven by in-depth research in the dynamic Web3 and blockchain arena.

Over these seven years, IOSG Ventures has developed a diverse and robust portfolio, covering key sectors such as Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions (Polkadot, NEAR, Arbitrum, StarkWare), Staking and Restaking projects (EigenLayer, Renzo, etherFi, Swell, Babylon), DeFi projects (including 1inch, 0x, UMA), Gaming( Bigtime, Illuvium), and SocialFi (Galxe, CyberConnect). MEV (Flashbots, Blocknative), ZKRU (Scroll, StarkWare, Arbitrum, zkSync), Security Auditing(Runtime Verification, Hexens). Our portfolio reflects our commitment to supporting crypto-native builders and long-term holders, focusing on early-stage developers and founders.

About RISC Zero

RISC Zero is a zero-knowledge verifiable general computing platform based on zk-STARKs and the RISC-V microarchitecture.

A zero knowledge proof allows one party (the prover) to convince another party (the verifier) that something is true without revealing all the details. In the case of RISC Zero, the prover can show they correctly executed some code (known to both parties), while only revealing to the verifier the output of the code, not any of its inputs or any state during execution.

The code runs in a special virtual machine, called a zkVM. The RISC Zero zkVM emulates a small RISC-V computer, allowing it to run arbitrary code in any language, so long as a compiler toolchain exists that targets RISC-V. Currently, SDK support exists for Rust, C, and C++.

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