Cover Image for Restaking and Omnichain
Cover Image for Restaking and Omnichain
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Restaking and Omnichain

Hosted by Sam | TokenPocket & 3 others
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Highlight the Web3Festival with Our Party!

​Dive into the dynamic realms of the Restaking and Omnichain ecosystem with us. Communicate with the star Restaking projects on ZetaChain like Puffer Finance, Curve, etc.! Join our exclusive gathering at the best bar in HK Faye to discover invaluable insights into lucrative opportunities, connect with kindred spirits, and delve into the future of Omnichain and WaaS.


ZetaChain, Puffer Finance, Curve, TokenPocket, HashKey Cloud


Owlto Finance, Block Patch, Redbrick,

🔥 What's in Store:

  • 🍔 Food

  • 🥂 Drink

  • ​👭👫Friends reunion

About the Host

​​ZetaChain - An EVM-compatible L1 blockchain that connects everything: Build interoperable dApps that span any chain including Bitcoin; access all chains from one place. Notably, ZetaChain stands out with its substantial user base, encompassing 1.8 million users on the testnet, 1.5M followers on social media, and more than 100 partners in the industry. Recently it closed 27M funding round for ecosystem development.

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TokenPocket - The world’s leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet, which supports mainstream public chains including BTC, ETH, BSC, TRON, DOGE, ZetaChain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync Era, etc. The trinity of TokenPocket mobile wallet, chrome extension wallet, and hardware wallet has been formally formed. The Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key are stored in the user’s own device and the user can fully control his own crypto assets. TokenPocket has provided reliable services for over 20 million users around the world. The number of monthly active users exceeds 3.5 million and the users are located in more than 200 countries around the world.

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Puffer Finance - Puffer is the first native liquid staking protocol built on Eigenlayer, specifically designed to uphold and promote Ethereum's decentralization. Puffer is much more than just a staking pool; it's a protocol that works to fortify Ethereum's heart. At its core, Ethereum's security and credible neutrality relies on a vast network of nodes. We're on a mission to ensure a thriving decentralized pocket amidst the broader validator set, making home-staking not just feasible but extraordinarily viable! To learn more, visit

HashKey Cloud - HashKey Cloud as a leading provider of global Web3 infrastructure services and a core member of the HashKey Group, focuses on delivering professional, stable, and secure blockchain services to clients worldwide. Since 2018, we have been deeply committed to blockchain infrastructure technologies, with our node validation services covering over 80 mainstream public chains and continuous exploration into Ethereum Layer2 and Bitcoin Lightning Network technologies.

We have upgraded our product line as Web3 transitions from foundational technology to application development. Our new product line includes compliant liquidity node validation products (EPotter), STO infrastructure services, and Layer 2. We aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients and provide top-notch services to the global market.

Curve - Creating deep on-chain liquidity using advanced bonding curves.

About the sponsors

Owlto Finance is an intent-centric interoperability protocol, "Think for users, rather than let users think". Owlto's bridge product has emerged as one of the fastest-growing bridges in 2023, with 1.1M+ users in 150+ countries/regions. Due to features of "Fast Speed, High Security, Low Cost and Easy-To-Use", it has been highly recommended by over 50 well-known partners like Arbitrum, Linea, Base, Circle, Trust Wallet, zkSync, Scroll, X1, Starknet, Manta, Mantle, Kroma, Tokenpocket, Galxe, imToken, Syncswap, Element and Synfutures, etc.

Block Patch - Crypto venture | Investment.

Redbrick - Discover a cloud-based realm where technology meets creativity, enabling you to build, explore, and profit in the ultimate ecosystem for Web3 and Metaverse innovation.

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