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Hosted by Deanna Moffitt
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Part Entertainment, Part Workshop, Part Coaching

Deanna brings all of her skills to the Zoom room this month talking about Rejection.

It’s often the truth bomb that sitting behind the statement “I’m afraid”. What we’re really afraid of is rejection

Sharing her own personal stories on rejection, she’ll lead the participants into the science behind it; what’s going on for us physiologically; and how we can begin to master the emotions behind rejection so we can really go after what we want.

In the last 30 minutes, Deanna will invite one of the participants to join her and be coached live on their mental blocks around rejection.

And if you’d like to be coached by Deanna during the workshop feel free to reach out to her in advance and let her know!


Transformational Coach Deanna Moffitt brings her humor, stories, and facilitation skills to a new program called Moffitt Talks Live.

The fourth Wednesday of every month. Deanna delivers a 60-minute workshop with time afterward for Q&A on topics that will be of interest to coaches and leaders.

With a delivery style often referred to as engaging, energizing, and inspiring, Deanna will have you shifting your perspective and becoming curious about possibilities.

The next talk is Wednesday, April 28th, 5 pm - 6 pm PT, with a 30 minute Q&A afterward.