Regenerative Presence with Neven



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With our guest facilitator Neven Mazić, Magician.

To release the tension and the illusion of fear, and to bring clarity to both the vision and the purpose of a regenerative future, let’s explore together.

An awareness sharing event for the Global Regeneration CoLab community, once/twice every fortnight, to be connected with the present moment.

  • We concentrate often on the external, but what about the internal?

  • Does presence allow us to be more regenerative?

  • How does our guilt from the past or worries of the future deflect us from what we can do today?

  • How can we regenerate this innerstanding of the present moment?

  • How can the power of now help us create the regenerative environment we all are striving for?

If you find these questions worthwhile, we look forward to learning with you.


The event will be locked after 10 minutes of starting to allow for the participants to get into an uninterrupted continuous flow.

Initiated by:
Meir Benezra — Play Wizard, Founder of Design Playing™
Michael Boyle — Transformation Catalyst, Founder of Circular Experience

If you want to become a facilitator in the future events please connect.

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