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ReFi Local Node Online Summit & Gitcoin GG18

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ReFi DAO's core mission is to support a flourishing, diverse and interconnected network of regenerative communities, with capital flowing towards those with the highest impact, potential, and integrity.

For our Local Node Alpha Cohort focused on the Global South, we supported the formation of 14 new nodes with over $25k of funding. Now we have opened applications for all cities across the globe to become a local node and are in the final stages of securing a further $25k matching pool for our second Gitcoin Grants ReFi Local Node Featured Round kicking off on August 15th.

All applicants are invited to join this Forum session alongside existing local nodes as the final call of the Alpha Local Node Incubator program.
What is a ReFi local node?

A local node is a community that meets regularly to build a regenerative society in their country, city, town, or village. There are a number of core activities a local node is encouraged to explore:

  1. Host regenerative local events

  2. Map the local regenerative society

  3. Build open-source software

  4. Raise value-aligned capital

  5. Acquire land and other real-world assets

  6. Develop land-based regenerative projects

  7. Showcase regenerative projects at COP

Of course, these are just recommendations and each node is encouraged to cultivate regeneration in a way that honours its local context.


What is the ReFi DAO Forum?

The ReFi DAO Forum aims to bring diverse stakeholders together to help shape the vision and trajectory of ReFi DAO. Taking form in monthly liberating structured workshops, we aim to create space for open discussions, sense-making, ideation, and active co-creation.