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[Philosophy] - MEV Week Paris

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Paris, Île-de-France
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What to expect: The redistribution salon will be an intimate discussion on the social and philosophical elements of economic fairness on Ethereum. When we consider economic proposals for Ethereum and the future of MEV, what goals are we trying to achieve and what world can we create?

The discussion will be non-technical and will consider a high level of context for participants. For those hoping for a technical discussion of proposals of MEV redistribution mechanism implementations, Flashbots is hosting other salons this week on PBS and order flow sharing, which will be more implementation-grounded. For those that have not been participating in the Redistribution Study Circle or completed the reading thus far, we strongly encourage those who choose to attend to have read the materials to be able to speak about them.

Suggested readings:


  • Talks: Introductory talks introducing a broader definition of MEV and why to redistribute (Leonardo Arias) and governance as a tool (Sarah Allen)

  • Exercise: We will discuss the 6 prompts below in small groups (with a pause for group discussion before proceeding to the next):

    1. Metacrisis is the logical outcome of our existing operating system

    2. Ethereum’s economic model requires perpetual growth and is therefore self-terminating

    3. Ethereum requires and can create the same hostile structures as the financial and organizational systems of the past. These include domination and colonialism

    4. Ethereum economics ensure the supremacy of its early users

    5. We are all complicit in the system and are forced into contradicting our values.

    6. Our task is to identify and dismantle the ways Ethereum tends toward the trends of previous systems that further oppression

Introduction to the 4 Denials and the Bus Framework

Debrief and high level conversation about the exercise as a whole


MEV hackerhouse meets Parisian Salon: welcome to the redistribution salon. The mev.week redistribution salon is a research workshop to explore the technical and philosophical elements of mev redistribution.

Flashbots is plural. Whether you are a builder, re[searcher] or low-carb-crusader, bring your thoughts, hard questions and good memes. Together we can turn zero-sum games into positive-sum games.

Blockspace is scarce and so are salon seats, we’ll build the most profitable block with the most thoughtful [re]searchers. PLEASE COMPLETE the to save your seat at the salon, there are no other mandatory steps to register.

Location will be shared to approved participants shortly before the event. Please keep the location private to respect the privacy of participants and salon hosts.

*all information from the application process will be kept private. requires Name and Email fields, please only share what you are comfortable.