RealTalk: Toxic Hustle Culture & Burnout



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โ€‹Some were ready, some were not, but we all were surprised.

โ€‹The cities became quiet. Some lost their jobs, some feared they would. Working parents suddenly had to juggle home life and work life. 40% of students lost a job, internship, or offer.

โ€‹Many of us were expected to carry on as usual. To not let a global pandemic stand in our way.

โ€‹But the always-on, hustle-forever culture can become toxic. It can reach the point to even if we do something productive or something we should be proud of, we knock ourselves down for not doing better or enough.

โ€‹And when our professional personas get to the point where they negatively impact our personal joy and health - that's when burnout starts creeping in.

โ€‹Do more of what you love without guilt.

โ€‹Join us for a PB RealTalk where we can all take a break, evaluate ourselves, and check-in on each other. We're stronger together ๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸŒฑ.

โ€‹What to expect from a PB RealTalk

  1. โ€‹Intros + Speaker (15 mins)

  2. โ€‹Breakout room discussions (30 mins)

  3. โ€‹All-together discussion (15 mins)

โ€‹All your thoughts and experiences have value. We would love for you to share any stories, concerns, or ideas that come to mind.


โ€‹We hope to see you there โค๏ธ

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