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Hiring and Being Hired - Propel Talent Event Series

Hosted by Propel: the community for early-stage and aspiring founders
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About Event

We're excited to help founders, leaders, and operators that are looking to hire or to be hired. On March 8-10, Propel is hosting a Talent Bootcamp with the support of VC firm M13 and speakers from up and coming startups across tech and ecommerce (pre-seed through Series A companies like Banyan, Milo, Saddle Finance, and more - see full list below).

Highly relevant and educational workshops will be led by startup recruiting experts from companies like CloserIQ, Ianuly Talent Accelerators, Mercury Constant, Lady Bird Talent, and Cannon Project.

Whether you're part of the Propel community, a founder or hiring manager of a growing startup team, or in your job search, we'd love to have you join as many sessions as possible.

Sessions you can expect:

Day 1 (March 8): Job searchers

  • How to kickstart your job search

  • LinkedIn peer review session

  • What to know when joining an early stage startup with founders from growing tech and ecommerce companies

  • Getting started in a new industry: joining a crypto startup

Day 2 (March 9): Founders and hiring managers

  • How to create a robust interview process (with homework, case studies, etc.)

  • Hiring your first seller

  • How to successfully hire part-time contractors

  • Designing and committing to an equitable interview process

Day 3 (March 10): Job searchers and hiring managers

  • Trends and opportunities in fintech

  • How to land a go-to market role at a high growth startup

  • What to know when hiring for or joining a startup as an engineer

  • Networking!!

Further detail on speakers and schedule will be shared out at least a week prior to the sessions. If you think we should feature a speaker or founder, email us!

Full list of companies and founders being spotlighted:

  • Ben Pulver, Head of Business Operations at Banyan (a fintech company providing global infrastructure for item-level receipt data)

  • Chudi Iregbulem, Founder of Beatmatch (the dating app helping music lovers find relationships by matching people with similar music taste)

  • Dylan Gans, Co-founder of Baton (the Zillow for small businesses)

  • Auja Little, Founder of Beautyocracy (a platform where women of color discover and shop beauty, together)

  • Noelle Acosta, Founder of Noula (for women and birthing parents who want to better understand and take care of their bodies in their motherhood journeys. Noula makes personalized, reproductive health information and support more accessible through at-home testing and digital care plans)

  • Mei Lin Ng, Founder of Hearth Display (their mission is to make parenting easier. Their vision is a world where parents don’t constantly have to be “super-heroes” by carrying the mental burden of home organization, where kids are empowered to have ownership of their day-to-day activities, and where families can have the security that their loved ones are taken care of.)

  • Coleman Oates, Co-founder of Quinn (Quinn finds ways to save you time and keep you focused)

  • Alex Russell, Founder of Nothing Special (Nothing Special is a food science and media company. After three+ years of stealth R+D, we have developed the world’s first tasty and efficacious bottled fresh kava beverage that we’ll be launching as an alcohol alternative later this year)

  • Cristina Poindexter, Founder of Parable (a new brain health startup)

  • Lisa LaCascia, Talent Acquisition at Milo (a financial technology company that is reimagining the way global consumers access credit and financial solutions in a borderless world)

  • Dugal Bain-Kim, Co-founder of Lifeforce (a health tech startup for the mid-life that integrates at-home diagnostics, clinical-grade nutraceuticals, safe and effective hormone optimization, and expert medical support to deliver performance plans)

  • Paul Klein, CTO at Stream Club (streaming platform for creators, recently acquired by Mux)

  • Anne Solmssen, CTO at Ethena (compliance for training today's teams)

  • Hudson Brock, Recruiter at AlloHire (supporting tech startups in recruiting, primarily for tech talent)

  • Loren Boyce, VP of Talent at M13 (a full service VC supporting companies from seed through Series B in commerce, fintech/crypto, future of work, and health)

  • Annie Wickman, Head of Talent at Forerunner (consumer-focused VC with portfolio companies in e-commerce, health, education, and DTC)

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