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Morning Zen Meditation powered by PlanetDAO

Hosted by Asami, Tamaki Nishimura & WA(和)- Jun Ishikawa
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◆ About this experience

​IVS Kyoto/IVS Cryptoのサイドイベントとして、PlanetDAOが「心のregeneration」をテーマに、和歌山県にある大泰寺の西山住職とともに初心者でも気軽に参加できる禅体験をお届けします。



​As a side event of IVS Kyoto/IVS Crypto, PlanetDAO will deliver a zen experience that all beginners can easily participate with Nishiyama, the chief priest of Daitaiji Temple in Wakayama Prefecture, under the theme of "regeneration of your heart".

Daitaiji is a temple in Wakayama Prefecture that has a history of 1200 years since its founding by Dengyo Daishi Saicho, the founder of Mt. Hiei. Priest Nishiyama is one of the only two priests in Japan who can do Zazen in English and is one of the leader who innovates the Japanese temple industry.

Those who would like to meet Priest Nishiyama, want to heal your tired heart, looking for some time to face yourself, interested in Japanese culture, you all will be welcomed.

◆ Timeline

8:00 - 8:30・・・Short intro of Buddhism and Zen

8:30 - 9:00・・・Zen meditation experience

※timeline is subject to change

◆ Meditator

Mr. Nishiyama

The chief priest from Daitai temple in Wakayama prefecture.



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