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Product Friction: Not Always a Drag

Hosted by Toplyne & Rahul Krishnan
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Hot take 馃敟

Product friction gets a bad rep, but when implemented well, can slingshot users further down the funnel - and boost engagement, reduce churn, and accelerate conversion & expansion.

When introduced in the right context, friction within the product can:

鈴笍 Direct users to the next step in their onboarding

馃帀 Delight users and invoke high brand recall

馃獞 Invoke the IKEA effect and make users strong advocates

馃弳 Nudge users to monetization & expansion pathways.

Tune into our conversation with Ramli John as we talk about why friction during onboarding can sometimes be... a good thing.


  • How can friction add value to the user onboarding experience, with examples

  • Spotting desirable friction steps vs. undesirable - qualitatively & using telemetry

  • Common mistakes PLG companies make while designing the onboarding journey

  • Leveraging user friction to drive revenue - with in-app nudges, sales-assist workflows


Ramli John is the Content Director at Appcues, author of "Product-Led Onboarding鈥, and the Founder of Marketing Powerups - a weekly show and newsletter for marketers looking to level up their marketing and career.

Beyond his job role, Ramli mentors for product adoption, lifecycle marketing, and user onboarding.