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Product Friction: Not Always a Drag

Hosted by Toplyne & Rahul from Toplyne ツ
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​Hot take πŸ”₯

​Product friction gets a bad rep, but when implemented well, can slingshot users further down the funnel - and boost engagement, reduce churn, and accelerate conversion & expansion.

​When introduced in the right context, friction within the product can:

​⏭️ Direct users to the next step in their onboarding

β€‹πŸŽ‰ Delight users and invoke high brand recall

​πŸͺ‘ Invoke the IKEA effect and make users strong advocates

β€‹πŸ† Nudge users to monetization & expansion pathways.

​Tune into our conversation with Ramli John as we talk about why friction during onboarding can sometimes be... a good thing.


  • ​How can friction add value to the user onboarding experience, with examples

  • ​Spotting desirable friction steps vs. undesirable - qualitatively & using telemetry

  • ​Common mistakes PLG companies make while designing the onboarding journey

  • ​Leveraging user friction to drive revenue - with in-app nudges, sales-assist workflows


​Ramli John is the Content Director at Appcues, author of "Product-Led Onboarding”, and the Founder of Marketing Powerups - a weekly show and newsletter for marketers looking to level up their marketing and career.

​Beyond his job role, Ramli mentors for product adoption, lifecycle marketing, and user onboarding.