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Starting a newsletter → How to find your voice and your audience with Rajat Mittal (Author of Boyish)

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The pursuit of writing has many interesting chapters but perhaps the most daunting is Chapter-1, the start. This is the stage where if you are not observant, you can be easily your own judge and critic.

After you are over the hump of putting pen to paper, you meet the next challenge—of finding your audience. With no doom scrolling, email newsletters are the medium of choice. You can have your reader’s exclusive attention to your words for several minutes, a rare event in the attention starved world we inhabit now.

This session will go over on both these aspects, how to build a point of view and how to package it in a newsletter that people want to open before other emails in their overflowing inboxes.

The conversation will casually flow to and fro between both these aspects. Bring your curiosity and your questions about all things writing and newsletters.

Introducing Rajat Mittal

Rajat Mittal is a software engineer and independent creative maker of things, mostly children books. He has spent a decade working in the tech industry and has cut his teeth both at startups and big tech giants like Square, eBay and GoDaddy. Outside technology, he has a strong interest in social sciences and has worked on creative projects like Menstrupedia and She Can You Can, an educational platform and educational book for young girls. Currently, he is working on his latest project, Boyish (, an anthology series of 12 essays via which he is discussing how gender stereotypes impact boys in India.