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Set for June 20th, AI LA’s Responsible AI Symposium will navigate the ethical frontiers of artificial intelligence amid a pivotal US election year.

The symposium is a call to action, aiming to define key principles and goals for the responsible development and deployment of AI. It is a collaborative platform for imperative conversations on democracy, and the need to confront misinformation, fortify the voting processes, and ensure election integrity. This event will also explore standards for responsible AI that prioritize fairness, accountability, and transparency in every facet of its implementation.

Come be part of the conversation that shapes the ethical framework guiding AI's impact on our society.


  • 5:00pm: Doors Open, Dinner Served until 5:45pm

  • 6:00pm: Welcome & Opening Keynote by Dr. Safiya Noble

  • 6:45pm: AI and Democracy Panel

  • 7:20pm: Ted Lieu Address

  • 7:25pm: Responsible AI Development Panel

  • 8:00pm: Happy Hour, Networking, and Workshop

Note: Food and drinks will be provided at the event!

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Safiya U. Noble, a UCLA scholar and MacArthur Fellow, leads critical discourse on tech's societal impacts. Her acclaimed book, "Algorithms of Oppression," highlights bias in search engines. As a tech justice advocate, she pioneers research on algorithmic discrimination and champions equity in the digital age, calling for policy and structural interventions. Dr. Noble's mission extends to structural changes in AI governance, advocating for regulations to safeguard against discriminatory practices and environmental impacts while empowering individuals with greater control over their digital lives. Outside of her rich academic career, she also consults for the White House, the Office of the Vice President, the FTC, and more. 

Special Address: Congressman Ted Lieu

As a legislator, Mr. Lieu has established himself as a leader on artificial intelligence; the environment; cybersecurity; civil liberties; foreign affairs and veterans. Time Magazine recognized Ted as one of the 100 Most Influential People in AI. He has spoken at a variety of AI conferences, including at Harvard and Cornell.

AI and Democracy Panel

2024 is a pivotal election year globally, with key elections taking place in the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, and dozens of others. During these election cycles, AI will have a potential major impact on these electoral processes, both positively and negatively.  Dialogue here will focus on topics including potential AI disruptions, potential responses to AI use, and how best to respond to AI's effects on democracy generally.

Responsible AI Development Panel

As AI becomes increasingly powerful, accessible, and prevalent in our world, a major topic has become AI development. This panel will focus on how to develop responsible AI.  Specifically, how and whether key stakeholders emphasize values of equality, transparency, and accessibility when developing new AI tools.

Responsible AI Reading Group Workshop

Our Responsible AI Reading Group will host a 30-minute workshop at 8pm during the happy hour. Join us for a collaborative discussion on the reading “Red Teaming Large Language Models (LLMs) for Resilience to Scientific Disinformation.” This interactive session offers a unique blend of learning and lively debate, complemented by drinks. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into critical AI safety topics and learn about the AI LA Responsible Reading Group!

If you'd like to join our reading group, please fill out this form to join the Discord and mailing list.


  • Investors looking to support AI governance initiatives.

  • Academics researching ethics in the development and deployment stages of AI tech

  • Industry Professionals seeking to incorporate responsible AI into their business 

  • Startups and Enterprises developing their own context-driven frameworks for responsible AI

  • Policymakers and Government Representatives seeking valuable insights to address societal concerns in AI governance

Join us!

At AI LA, we welcome industry players and enthusiasts to come together and chart a path towards responsible AI that prioritizes the welfare of our communities.

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Loyola Marymount University - Playa Vista Campus
12105 E Waterfront Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90094, USA
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