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Embody Radiant Love, A Mini Day Retreat

Hosted by Healing Queen
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Los Angeles, California
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About Event

The Embody Radiant Love mini-day retreat is a group event for participants to listen to their hearts' whispers. The day is tailored to invite a deeper, expansive embodiment of your Radiant Love Signature. Through co-creating sacred space, we collectively anchor our energies to receive the insights and teachings of our hearts.

The Embody Radiant Love is excellent for those who desire to jumpstart a shift in their relationship dynamics and live more consciously from a heart-centered place.

The Embody Radiant Love includes Love Conscious coaching, Love Limpia & Activation, Guided Meditation with Grandmother Cacao, Reflection Prompts, Astrological Insight about your preferred relationship dynamics, and channeled messages to support your expansion of Love: gentle movement and Breathwork, and a sound bath. By the end, each participant has greater clarity about their Radiant Love Signature to consciously live a more joyful, love-centered life aligned with their soul's expansion. A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

The Experience:

We gather on June 22, 2024, aligning with the energies of the Summer Solstice

Answer the questions to help me tailor the event to the group's needs. During the day, we'll cultivate compassion regarding any limiting belief(s) that may have rooted and created unconscious patterns or habits. The participant is encouraged to identify an area (or three areas) where they seek to create dynamic, joyful, loving experiences.

We co-create through activities that support you in embodying radiant love. The day includes three rituals: communing with grandmother cacao through a guided experience, a collective Love Limpia & Activation session with Sound Healing, and concludes with a Womb ritual.

All participants receive a gift package with materials to help ground and amplify the experience. Participants must register by June 15, 2024.


The suggested rate is $333, including (1) mini Love Limpia session and (1) coaching call. A sliding scale is available to make this accessible. The sessions will be done within 30 days after the retreat to support you on your journey.

The VIP Rate of $600 includes the (2) coaching calls and all aspects of the Return to Me Package - (1) Love Limpia, (1) Akashic Records Reading, and (1) Love Conscious Coaching Call.

With the Premium Rate of $1111, you can get the Open to Love or the Inner Child Integration Package & (2) coaching calls.

Schedule a free exploratory call to discuss options and rates. If you need to set up a payment plan, please email me to set up your plan for VIP or Premium packages. email:

*Your experience belongs to you. Reina Prado of Healing Queen facilitates spaces for spiritual transformation, is not psychological care, and does not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Healing Queen or its affiliates are not responsible for crisis intervention, and all participants are responsible for seeking support outside the container as needed.

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Los Angeles, California
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