Cover Image for Hidden Taste 003: The Interlude
Cover Image for Hidden Taste 003: The Interlude

Hidden Taste 003: The Interlude

Hosted by Barbet & MMMANN candles
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Toronto, Ontario
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Hidden Taste 003. The One where we missed the Winter and Spring Seasons.

In our pursuit of finding the perfect venue (we only want the best for you), the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox passed us but we're back, baby. And some would say better than ever - but we will let you be the judge of that.

Hidden Taste 003: a dinner club concept that creates eating experiences using out-of-the-ordinary venues as our backdrop. Partnering with some of the city's best chefs, we serve all the meals family-style to encourage you to meet new friends.

All past attendees of Hidden Taste and Barbet Regulars™ get first dibs on tickets.

Ticket price includes all food + drinks for the night. Check out Hidden Taste 001 and 002.

*This is a set menu. If you have dietary restrictions please email to see if they can be met.

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Toronto, Ontario