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Automation and AI: Promises and Pitfalls for the Clean Energy Transition

Hosted by Will Cognetti & 4 others
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Energy, Transportation, Supply Chain, and Construction are massive industries in transition that represent 90% of the emissions reductions needed to get to net-zero by 2050.  Historically, these sectors have had low levels of digital penetration.  However a new generation of AI companies are using data and machine learning to improve operational efficiency and labor productivity while reducing emissions.  In this session, hear from AIML experts, investors and founders on AI’s promise for climatetech, and where roadblocks remain.  The panel will dig into whether and how GenAI can accelerate the energy transition, the challenge around proprietary data sets, and the impact of solutions being rolled out today in hard-to-abate sectors. Topics will include GenAI, voice AI, industrial LLMs, white box ML models, and more.

The interactive panel will run from 2-3pm followed by cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from 3-4pm.

Presented by Blackhorn Ventures and AWS Climate Tech and graciously hosted by Cooley. Speakers include:

Aia Sarycheva, Investor, Bessemer Venture Partners
Rahul Sareen, Global Head, Sustainability Solutions and GTM, AWS
Ethan Soloviev, Chief Innovation Officer, HowGood
Andrea Ruotolo, Global Head Customer Sustainability/ESG, Rockwell Automation
Mark Fosdike, CEO and Co-founder,
moderated by Stephan Cizmar, Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Health assessment: if you have recently been exposed to and/or tested positive for COVID-19, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to determine if you should attend this event. Additionally, if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or any other contagious illness, please do not attend. Thank you for your cooperation.