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Contributors Release and Triage Workshop (Monthly)



This is a multi-session event. Please select how you would like to join.
Tue, Jan 24
6:00 PM

Event Information

This is a new opportunity to participate as a RedwoodJS contributor. If you are interested in helping contribute to important open GitHub Issues, please join us!

The session will be a Zoom Webinar, hosted by David Price and Dom Saadi from the Core Team. Everyone can participate by chat. There will be opportunity to ask questions and join discussion by Audio and/or Video (neither is required to participate).


Each week, the Core Team meets to review current release priorities, triage new Issues and PRs, and update the main Redwood Project Board. During this session, you’ll be able to participate in this process. Together we’ll identify important open Issues that are opportunities for contributing to the Redwood project. The intention is to help match Contributors with Issues they can work on collaboratively with the Core Team.

What skills or experience do I need to participate?

There are no requirements, skills, or experience levels required to join this session or contribute to Redwood. Some issues involve more specific knowledge or experience, but our hope is to match Contributors with opportunities to successfully contribute.

Never contributed to Open Source or Redwood before? We can help! Redwood has been the first OS contribution for many many people. And we have a lot of guides and docs to show you how to develop locally and open your first PR.

You should start by looking through the Redwood Contributing Documentation.