Cover Image for Get To Know: Service Provider Edition
Cover Image for Get To Know: Service Provider Edition
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Private Event

Get To Know: Service Provider Edition

Hosted by ERIN Communications, ERIN Admin & Janice Baskin
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About Event

This event is centered on supporting the ecosystem strategy rather than sales pitches or promotional activities. It is a platform designed for you to highlight your services and demonstrate how you support and enhance the innovation ecosystem. Whether through technological advancements, consultancy, financial services, or other expert support, your contributions are vital to supporting innovation in YEG.

Important Information:

  • One Representative Per Company: Due to capacity limitations, we kindly request that only one representative per company attends. This ensures that we can accommodate a diverse range of service providers. Additionally, if you would like to add a colleague to our waiting list, please provide their details, and we will notify them if a spot becomes available.

Why Participate?

  • Network: Engage with game-changers and innovators.

  • Showcase: Highlight your services, success stories, and your impact on the innovation ecosystem.

  • Inspire: Share your expertise and inspire others with your journey and achievements.

Alberta Innovates/Innotech
250 Karl Clark Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1H5, Canada
21 Going