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For the New Year, a Sunday of Contemplation - Trust: How Does The Heart Know Where To Go?

Hosted by The Mindfulness and Compassion Centre
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For the New Year, a Sunday of Contemplation - Trust: How Does The Heart Know Where To Go?

Day of Contemplation and Retreat

With Jaya Rudgard and Christoph Köck


Date: Sunday January 14th 2024

Times: 10am – 4pm

Cost: €55 (concessions available)

As 2024 begins, how do we set our orientation for the coming year?   In our world today, we can feel immobilised by all the information coming at us from so many different sources.  How do we know where to stand, or how to take the next step?  We cannot move forward without some sense of trust in the direction we are taking.  How and in what do we establish this trust and confidence?

The Buddha named Saddha, variously translated as trust, faith or confidence, as the first of five spiritual faculties or powers. Why did he do so and what did he mean?  What different associations do each of these terms have for us?   And how might the cultivation of the qualities of trust and confidence support us in living well?

Our discussion will seek to shed light on both the helpful and unhelpful aspects of this qualities. We’ll explore together how these qualities can become something to sustain us through the ups and downs of our practice and the challenges of life.

The Buddha was very practical and down to earth, and his insights into the workings of the human mind are being found to be largely in keeping with modern psychological theory.  If this intersection between ancient wisdom and modern psychology interests you, and if you are seeking to live your life in a more meaningful way, please join us for this contemplation retreat with two highly respected teachers from the Bodhi College.

This day is suitable for anyone with an interest in the 2,600 year old teachings of the Buddha which form the bedrock of the modern mindfulness movement.  People of all religions and none are welcome.  Mindfulness practitioners, teachers and teacher trainees are welcome.  If you are thinking about coming to our annual August retreat in Castletown this year, this is an opportunity to meet Chrstoph and Jaya, who will be leading it, in advance.

The day will include some teaching as well as some time for reflection, discussion and periods of meditation.

We will meet  for 3 x 1.5 hour sessions, so there will be time for tea breaks and lunch:






Jaya (Karen) Rudgard is a member of the faculty of The Bodhi College.  She began meditating in 1984, and from 1996 to 2005 was ordained as a nun in the Thai forest tradition in England at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. She subsequently trained as an Insight

Meditation teacher at Spirit Rock in California and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts. She teaches meditation retreats and courses in the UK and internationally. Jaya has extensive experience teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindful Self-Compassion and teaches retreats for Mindfulness teachers and teachers in training. She also enjoys practising and teaching qigong.

Christoph Köck is also a member of the Bodhi College faculty. He led an online retreat in Ireland last year for the MTAI and those who attended really appreciated his gentle, thoughtful style of teaching and reflecting.


Christoph was born in Vienna, Austria, and spent 17 years of his life as a Buddhist monk in the Theravadin tradition. He lived mainly in monasteries connected with Ajahn Chah in Thailand and the West.  Currently he lives in Vienna, working as a psychotherapist in a private practice. He teaches Buddhism and meditation internationally, and is trained to teach MBSR and MBCT.