Cover Image for 2024 DePIN Global Hardware Conference
Cover Image for 2024 DePIN Global Hardware Conference
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2024 DePIN Global Hardware Conference

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The 2024 DePIN Hardware Exhibition will open at 14:00 on Aprl 8,2024. lt is hosted by JDI Global, CGV and Web3Labs,organized by Techub News and supported by Hong Kong Cyberport.

2024 DePIN Hardware Exhibition brings together the world's top manufacturers, investment institutions and projects, and the main venue jointly discusses the development trend in the DePIN field, and opened the world's first DePIN hardware offline exhibition and business speed distribution meeting. The diversified forms of content will meet the needs of different participants, and will attract more than 500 DePlN manufacturers, project parties, developers investment institutions and researchers from around the world.

Keynote Speech: invite top DePIN investors, scientists, and project founders from around the world (such as Helium Foundation CEO Abhay Kumar, etc.) to share their insights and views about DePIN.

Roundtable Seminar: Warm discussion on technological innovation and market trends.

Demo Show: Display innovative projects, the latest technological achievements and business models, andachieve accurate exposure.

Awards Ceremony: To recognize programs and teams with outstanding achievements in the DePIN field.

DePIN Hardware Exhibition: the world's first DePIN hardware offline exhibition, providing exhibitors from the DePIN supply chain with the opportunity to meet with global investors and partners.

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Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong
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