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Cover Image for EFT/Tapping • Reducing Fear | Online
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Find out what Tapping is and experience how energy work can immediately improve the way you feel.

EFT/Tapping • Reducing Fear | Online

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Reduce fear and step into a more empowered way of living

Join Karen Aquinas for a group tapping session in a relaxed and supportive online setting.

​In this group session, we'll be tapping to help alleviate fear and explore vibrations of confidence, motivation, success, and safety.

Karen’s group sessions are packed full of ideas, tips, and techniques, and are a great opportunity to learn how to put tapping to work on improving all aspects of your life.

If this is the first time you've participated in a tapping event with Karen, please watch this 5-minute pre-session video so we can jump right in.

We'll meet via Zoom.

Zoom is a video conferencing service you can access on your desktop or mobile device. If you haven't used it before, you'll need to sign up for a free account. You can do that here.

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"I find the group sessions very helpful. They help keep me focused, aligned and headed in the direction I want to go. I hear new ideas, learn of new things to try, and the borrowers' benefits are very tangible. I always come away feeling uplifted, supported and calm. Karen is a wonderful group facilitator and speaker." Louise • McMinnville, OR, USA

"Useful - functional, simple, feel better tools for optimum living and thriving." L.K. • Bend, OR, USA

"I tapped along with the woman who couldn't sleep, and had my own best night of sleep in probably years."  G.K., New York

“This was wonderful! You gave me tools I can use everyday. Thank you! " A.B. • Aberdeen, WA, USA

"Karen is amazing! She has taught and teaches a new approach to life.” Traci P. • Salem, OR, USA

“I walked in with an interest, but very little knowledge or experience with energy work. Karen has such amazing energy, and such skill at teaching - that I am walking out with confidence that I am able to use Tapping to make a difference in my life, and in the lives of those around me." A.M. • Vancouver, WA, USA

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The March 12, 2020 issue of Psychological Trauma, an APA journal, includes information on a study by Dr. Peta Stapleton et al (Bond University). Findings show that cortisol levels dropped 43% in one hour of “group tapping” treatment which support an original study indicating EFT to be an efficient and effective treatment for reducing biological stress markers.

The following organizations are among those at which Karen is honored to have been a featured teacher/speaker ~ topics include overcoming trauma & stress, building confidence, business, happiness, & well-being:

Sponsored by Biofield Health Services, LLC

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Find out what Tapping is and experience how energy work can immediately improve the way you feel.