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Better Together Call - Nonprofit Amplifier

Hosted by Janelle Suzanne
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About Event

Looking for a community to work through the day-to-day challenges of marketing your nonprofit?

​Curious what others are trying right now to know what's working and what isn't?

​We're gathering together in-house nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and communicators who are making a positive difference in the world.

​We call it the "Better Together" call.

​Because collaboration beats isolation any day, right?!

This is NOT a webinar or lecture. Instead, Better Together is a collaborative forum designed with the belief that we're all stronger when we're connected. It's a space where every voice matters, every challenge is faced collectively, and every victory is celebrated together. Our objective? To foster a community where nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and communication teams unite, empowering one another with shared wisdom and mutual support.

​The cost of admission is simple: commit to contributing to the conversation.

​Here's the 60-min agenda:

  • Intros sharing your month's nonprofit wins (so we can celebrate with you AND learn what's working) and challenges to solve

  • Topic of the month with open group discussion

  • No selling or self-promotion

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