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Better Together Call - Nonprofit Amplifier

Hosted by Ben Stewart & Janelle
This is a multi-session event. You will get access to all the following sessions.
About Event

Looking for a community to work through the day-to-day challenges of marketing your nonprofit?

​Curious what others are trying right now to know what's working and what isn't?

​We're gathering together in-house marketing & communications pros from various organizations for a time to help one another as we all strive to make a positive impact on our world.

​I'm calling it a "Better Together" call.

​Because collaboration beats isolation any day, right?!

​RSVP to get a calendar invitation and email reminder for the next monthly call.

​All nonprofit organizations are welcome, but our emphasis is on organizations who serve vulnerable people groups—e.g. orphan care, foster care, poverty, homelessness, etc.

​The cost of admission is simply to contribute to the conversation. And I would feel honored if you invite others to join this informal group.

​My goal is for this to be a place to collaborate, learn, and grow together. It's not a formal “mastermind” group, but we will focus on solving problems and sharing ideas around nonprofit marketing & communications.

​The format is simple:

  • ​I’ll share a few brief thoughts as people join

  • Introduce yourself in the chat

  • Raise your hand to ask a question or share a recent win

  • Others will respond to share relevant knowledge and experience

  • ​We will go no more than an hour

No selling or self-promotion.

​I hope to see you there!